25+ Legitimate Gig Jobs That Make $2500+/Month of Extra Income in 2023

Have you ever wanted to make a full-time income from the comfort of your own home? In many cases, finding legitimate side hustles and side hustle jobs that pay well can seem challenging. However, with the right approach, it’s absolutely possible to make $2500 per month of extra income in 2023 – and starting with the best side hustles to make money is important.

Fortunately, we’ve outlined some of the different side hustles that pay well to help you find the best side hustle opportunities for your needs. After all, although making money on the side can seem hard at the outset, this isn’t always the case, and with the right approach, making more on the side – be it as your full-time job or a genuine side hustle – can actually be surprisingly easy.


The earning potential with legit side hustles can be massive, regardless of whether you’re doing this alongside a regular employed job or not. However, to make the most of your time, you’ll want to streamline your earnings to help make more per hour.

We’ve looked at how you can make $1000 per week on GrubHub – but how much will you need to work to make $2500 a month with gig apps? Well, this depends on how many days per week you intend to drive as part of your new courier service.

  • Driving daily: If you’re delivering daily, you’ll need to complete around five hours of deliveries daily to make $2500 per month.
  • Weekdays: If you’d prefer to just work on the weekdays, you’ll need to look at completing around seven hours per day to reach $2500 a month. That’s far from shabby!
  • Weekends: Assuming you decide to work just Friday evening and on the weekends, you’ll need to do a lot more hours to make a vast income. This would equate to an average of around 12 hours per day. This is definitely trickier, but you could be in for great results with the highest-paying gig apps (above the average).

As such, it’s clear to see that, with a little clever thought, making $2500 a month with gig apps is actually relatively simple. And don’t forget – that’s based on the average income. However, the following excellent side hustle jobs often pay much more than this; plus, with multiapping, you can increase your earning potential almost exponentially.


If you think that gig work and side hustles might be a good option for your earning needs, starting with the right earning apps is crucial. After all, not all gig work is created equal, and estimates suggest the average gig worker makes 58% less than full-time employees.

However, with the right approach, this doesn’t actually have to be the case – and it’s possible to make up to $50 per hour with the best side gig apps!

Food Delivery Apps

If you’ve been looking to get started with new side hustle ideas, food delivery apps could be an excellent option to consider. These excellent apps are often easy to get started with, and so long as you have a car or some form of transport and know how to get more offers, you’ll potentially be able to get started.

#1 ParaWorks

Earning potential: Up to $50 per hour

If you’ve been looking for a valuable earning opportunity, the ParaWorks gig driver app is one of the best options. Indeed, unlike regular gig apps, ParaWorks focuses on giving gig drivers a better rate of pay for the work they do. As such, if you’re looking for a reliable gig app that offers more than a basic pay rate, be sure to try it.

And don’t forget: the ParaWorks platform is offered by the same team that’s behind the Para gig driver app.

#2 UberEats

Earning potential: Up to $25 per hour

Another popular and common food delivery app for US residents is UberEats, which holds a market share of almost one in four deliveries. Make sure you integrate the Para app alongside to really get the most out of your time on the road.

#3 Time to Eat

Earning potential: Up to $25 per hour

When it comes to top-rated food delivery apps, Time to Eat is undeniably a great option to consider. Specializing in food deliveries, the platform operates across Seattle, WA, and pays up to $25 per hour through the ParaWorks platform. Simply fill out the Drive For Us form to get started with your application!

#4 Caviar

Earning potential: Up to $25 per hour

If you’re looking for a food delivery platform that really values you for your experience, Caviar could be a great option to consider. It’s not as easy to start driving for as other platforms, though, since the brand differentiates itself as the premium food delivery option. As such, Caviar’s requirements mean you’ll need to complete an interview and exam and have at least two years of experience before getting started.

#5 Seamless

Earning potential: Up to $24 per hour

Seamless is an excellent food delivery option if you’ve been looking for an app to help find delicious dishes easier! As part of the GrubHub family, it operates in numerous different countries and can offer an excellent solution for those wanting an additional side income.

#6 Waitr

Earning potential: Up to $17 per hour

As another highly popular option for food delivery work, Waitr is great if stability is something you consider important. Indeed, Waitr’s requirements state that drivers must complete a weekly minimum amount of work – so, when you join, you know you’ll get plenty of work.

#7 PostMates

Earning potential: Up to $17 per hour

As part of the UberEats group, PostMates is a highly popular platform for food delivery. It’s often a great option to use alongside other platforms. PostMates is available in over three thousand cities.

#8 Dlivrd

Earning potential: Up to $25 per hour

If you want to increase your chances of getting tips, why not try the Dlivrd app? Paying the next day as part of the ParaWorks app, it provides numerous catering delivery opportunities that really help gig drivers make more.

Grocery Delivery Apps

Another popular option for many people is grocery delivery work. Grocery deliveries are incredibly easy to complete and are popular for those wanting quick income.

#9 Shipt

Earning potential: Up to $30 per hour

Few delivery apps – except perhaps the ParaWorks platform – can compete with Shipt regarding driver pay. Indeed, Shipt is highly popular for individuals wanting high-paying, legitimate side hustles. With a choice of over 5000 cities available, it’s a great app if you need regular, well-paying work (and who doesn’t want that?)

#10 Amazon Fresh

Earning potential: Up to $25 per hour

Amazon’s a big name in the industry, so working for Amazon Fresh is one of the best opportunities if you need legit work ideas. However, make sure you plan your trips carefully to make the most of your time!

#11 Instacart

Earning potential: Up to $25 per hour

Instacart is a big name in the grocery home delivery field, so this is well worth considering as part of your decision. Instcart offers drivers the freedom to choose between working as an in-store shopper or a full-service provider, giving extra choice to drivers, too.

#12 Burpy

Earning potential: Up to $25 per hour

As a Texas-based grocery delivery app, Burpy can offer countless benefits. Offering delivery support for numerous different stores, Burpy has been running for well over a decade, so it’s easy to see why so many people trust the brand for their own delivery needs.

#13 Walmart Delivery

Earning potential: Up to $18 per hour

If you’re looking to partner with a big brand name in the grocery field, Walmart Delivery might be the ideal option for your needs. It offers longer deliveries than other apps, though, so make sure you have the time to commit.

#14 GoPuff

Earning potential: Up to $23 per hour

As standard, GoPuff’s versatile range of food delivery services pay up to $23 per hour, making them a solid option if you need side hustles to make money. GoPuff deliveries cover everything, from alcohol to home essentials and everything in between.

Ridesharing Apps

If you have a car, ridesharing is often an obvious choice of a side gig job. These apps allow you to pick up clients and give them a lift to where they need to go.

#15 Uber

Earning potential: Up to $22 per hour

When it comes to ridesharing apps, Uber is the industry-leading name. Luckily, getting started as an Uber driver doesn’t have to be that tricky!

#16 Lyft

Earning potential: Up to $22 per hour

Another major player on the ridesharing scene is Lyft. As one of the biggest ridesharing platforms, Lyft offers a huge range of opportunities and even provides daily cashouts.

#17 Curb

Earning potential: Up to $17 per hour

While it’s not necessarily the biggest ridesharing app, the Curb platform is a brilliant option for people wanting to expand their services. It’s very similar to both Lyft and Uber, offering ridesharing solutions across 65 cities.

#18 Via

Earning potential: Up to $16 per hour

If you want to increase your chances of making a good rate of pay with a simple ridesharing solution, Via could be just the app to consider! Via works a little differently compared to regular apps, as it instead focuses on filling seats rather than doing fully exclusive rides. As such, the more seats your car has, the better!

Package Delivery Apps

More and more businesses are investing in package delivery services for their customers, and this could be worth considering as part of your decision. Better still, package deliveries allow you to take multiple orders at one time.

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#19 Amazon Flex

Earning potential: Up to $25 per hour

Amazon handles 1.6 million packages daily – and the Amazon Flex platform helps it achieve these excellent delivery services. As such, it’s a great option if you need work that you know will always be there.

#20 Roadie

Earning potential: Up to $21 per hour

With UPS as its parent company, there’s no doubt that Roadie offers a lucrative and legitimate earning opportunity for USA drivers – and this may be worth considering for your own drives, too. Each trip pays on average $13, making it a great place to start for quick cash.

Freelance Work Apps

If you’d like to begin working as a freelancer, there are plenty of great apps to try. Freelancing apps often involve matching clients with freelancers directly.

#21 Fiverr

Earning potential: Up to $25 per hour

Fiverr is one of the leading options for those wanting to make a full-time, legitimate income from their side hustle jobs. Make sure you have a basic knowledge of SEO before getting started, though, to help buyers find you!

#22 Upwork

Earning potential: Up to $25 per hour

Upwork offers a brilliant earning opportunity for freelancers and is a highly popular platform for its overall versatility. However, the main drawback of the Upwork platform is that it

#23 Etsy

Earning potential: Unlimited

There’s no limit to how much you can make with your graphic designs by selling on Etsy! As such, if you have a talent for art, we’d strongly recommend giving this a go.

Odd Jobs Apps

As a further option, it’s well worth trying odd jobs apps if you’ve been looking for ways to make money on the side. But don’t forget: these could cover almost any requirement!

#24 TaskRabbit

Earning potential: Up to $33 per hour

TaskRabbit is a brilliant platform for odd jobs, thanks to its excellent range of work options. Indeed, with TaskRabbit, you can search for work based on numerous different categories, including cleaning, delivery, shopping, handyman work, moving, and more.

#25 FlexJobs

Earning potential: Up to $21 per hour

If you’ve been looking for somewhere to find freelance side jobs, FlexJobs can be a brilliant option. As such, it’s a brilliant place to look for flexible job offer sto help make a little more cash on the side.


If you’ve been looking for the best side hustles that pay well, starting with professional gig apps such as ParaWorks can be incredibly helpful. Indeed, as one of the highest paying gig apps, it offers a great place to start with your side hustle jobs. However, don’t be afraid to try multiapping with numerous different driver shifts to help increase the number of orders you receive.

Don’t leave it to chance. Whether you’ve been looking to make cash on the side for an emergency bill or if you’re one of the 29% of people who’d rather be their own boss, side hustle jobs could be just what you need.

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